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bag of buttons Bag of buttons

A bag full of buttons!

Once you take out the buttons, use the bag for any of these additional things:
 *Protect your cell phone in it.
 *Fill it with skittles.
 *Use it to hold your marbles like Toodles in Hook.
 *Fill it with oatmeal and take a bath  with it.

Woah! Great bag!

Comes with six (6) buttons and one (1) bag.

buttons are 1.5" wide - Please view image to the left to see which buttons are available.

Bags are screen printed 100% cotton and measure approx. 3.5" x 5.5" . Please view image of available bags to the left.

Shipping is $1.50 US 4.00 every where else in the world

*Please choose bag from drop list below and if you have a preference for buttons, please list the numbers you'd like in the payment details during checkout.